Getting medical advice abroad

You want to enjoy yourself whilst you’re travelling, so get everything in order before you go.

You should get the right travel insurance for your trip and check your insurance policy to know what is covered.

Medical bills abroad have been known to run into the thousands and most countries do not have healthcare agreements with the UK. You can find out about health agreements here:

European Countries
Non European Countries

If you do require medical attention abroad, here’s a useful checklist:

  • Remember the drug name, not just the brand name, of your malaria tablets and other medicines
  • Take all the documents you might need, including passport, your Global Health Insurance Card (if relevant), evidence of UK residence (e.g. driving licence, NHS medical card) and vaccination certificates
  • Tell the doctor where else you’ve been on the trip
  • Keep a few friends’ or relatives’ contact details with your passport
  • Contact the British Embassy or Consulate if you need to get back to the UK quickly
  • Keep any receipts as proof of purchase for the insurance company

For further information, visit the NHS choices website

Help take malaria off the itinerary